Ziemia Egiptu BIKOR Egyptische Erde Jean d'Arcel Warszawa
 As an Authorized Salon of Jean d’Arcel we offer to sell cosmetics of the highest quality at our 15-115 Salon.
More details coming soon.

 Our offer also contains Egyptian Earth (Ziemia Egiptu / Ägyptische Erde / Egyptische Erde) from BIKOR in the price of 130 PLN.

Egyptische Erde from <b>BIKOR</b>

There is also a possibility of mail order (in Poland) for a one time extra charge of 20 PLN (regardless of the amount of items in the package) – in such a case we kindly ask you to send, by e-mail, your address and to transfer the appropriate amount of money to our bank account.
Bank account number: 15 1440 1101 0000 0000 0684 4758

 As a Salon we also perform professional body piercing procedures, in our offer we also have body rings.


15-115 Beauty Salon Warsaw/Warszawa

Feel free to visit us:
Warsaw, Aleje Jerozolimskie 11/19 (vis-a-vis SMYK)
tel. +48 501 0 15-115