At our Salon you will find complex beauty treatments which relax the whole body.
We would like you to become our regular Customer - we will do our best to make you satisfied with our services so that you will come back to us and bring your best friends with…

Wonderful Jean d’Arcel cosmetics – the combination of German precision and French taste, mesotherapy cosmetics prepared in medical labs , modern devices and hygiene (autoclave!) – We will do anything to make you feel comfortable.

What do you feel like?

We especially recommend:
  permanent makeupplenty of satisfied clients, probably the best ink on the market (safe, long lasting colour),
  eyelash extending 1x1we are an authorized Salon of the Perfect Silk Lashes, light silk lashes which do not strain the eye, possibility of obtaining interesting effects (e.g. cat eye),
  permanent laser depilation (of the whole body depilation, Brazilian bikini also) – NEW !!! We recently acquired a new generation IPL+RF laser,
  laser therapy – including:
• IPL laser photo-rejuvenation
• IPL laser blood vessel closing
  professional body piercing (of the whole body)thousands of piercings performed (nose, eyebrows, lips, tongue, ear cartilage, nipples, female intimate spots, surface),
  needleless mesotherapycocktails prepared on the basis of medical mesotherapy cosmetics.

  vacuum massage (underpressure) – to get rid of cellulite and fatty tissues,
  diamond microdermabrasion – to reduce wrinkles, scars, complexion cleaning,
  guam – to shape the silhouette, reduce fatty tissue, cellulite, reduce the girth of the thighs, hips, waist and buttocks, but also rid the body of toxins,
  cavitation peeling – for touch free and painless skin cleansing and for “injecting” the skin with vitamins and cosmetics,
  lymphatic drainage – recommended by doctors in cases of swollen feed, hands which are connected to problems with blood and lymph circulation between cells
  massages: classic, relaxing and with the use of hot stones.

Cosmetic treatments – typical:
  complete face cosmetics– classic face cleansing, acid treatments, peelings, face skin regeneration, eyebrow and eyelash henna, trimming, care treatments,
  wedding make-up, daily make-up, evening make-up,
  perm for the eyelashes,
  earlobe piercing – with the use of a sterile and silent piercing gun,
  airbrush tanning (airbrush) – with the use of tested fluids imported from the USA which give an astonishing, natural looking tan,
  manicure & pedicure (nail tips, gel, acrylic); hand and foot massage.

And the more unusual:
  Botox and fillers as well as treating of excessive sweating of hands and armpits – we work together with one of the best aesthetic medicine doctor in Warsaw.


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