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Laser closing of broken capillaries with IPL

The problem of vascular skin and broken capillaries is a problem of many people. To fight this problem there is a need to use specially picked cosmetics, which make the blood vessels stronger. Our 15-115 Salon in Warsaw offers professional cosmetics by Jean d’Arcel for vascular skin. If the capillary is broken it just needs to be closed and strengthened.

At our 15-115 Salon we have chosen the method of closing broken capillaries with the use of a laser (IPL) or, alternatively, using the electrocoagulation method. The procedure of closing broken capillaries with IPL is very safe and short. The beautician performing the procedure does not injure the body but merely touches, with the IPL head the parts which have broken capillaries. Under the influence of a light impulse the capillary closes and seals itself. Laser closing of broken capillaries is used on blood vessels located right under the skin of the face as well as other parts of the body. Closing of broken capillaries with IPL is also effective against dilated blood vessels but if the blood vessel is bigger and situated deeper we recommend an alternative way of closing broken capillaries – the electrocoagulation method. In care for our clients we often individually pick the method which will be most effective.

For smaller blood vessels 1-2 IPL treatments are enough, for bigger blood vessels or a group of them we have to prepare a special set of treatments and schedule the dates of the visits. The treatments can be performed regardless of the time of the year, although winter is not advisable due to big temperature fluctuation.

Closing of broken capillaries with the use of IPL is not recommended with:
pregnancy, epilepsy,
a fresh tan,
medicine which induce photosensitivity,
medicine which lowers blood coagulability or non-steroid antiphlogistic drugs,
one day after the treatment the use of sauna, swimming pools and doing physical exercises is not advisable.

The best ways of dealing with vascular skin are treatments with the use of a laser
If the broken capillaries are getting bigger regardless of proper care and diet, they can’t be covered up by makeup, you should consider specialistic treatments. We start with a visit at a dermatologist. He or she will establish the cause of capillaries breaking and will choose a method to deal with the problem. The most effective is laser therapy. The method consists of a light beam which penetrates the living tissue. Due to the heat carried by the light to the broken spots, the blood temperature rises which makes it circulate faster. The walls of the vessels break and the dilated blood vessels disappear. We feel pinching or burning. Bruising or redness can occur but it will disappear after a few days. The treatments give visible results. If the net of the broken capillaries is big, a series of treatments is needed (…). You won’t have to cover up the unattractive net of broken blond vessels under a ton of makeup. Proper cosmetics, a bit of self discipline and modern treatments will allow you to enjoy the beauty of your face! Source: Moda na zdrowie, July 2008


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