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Airbrush tanning

Airbrush tanning is a new way of tanning on the Polish market. This type of tanning induces a lot of interest. In the USA this method has been known for a few years and is very popular. In Poland more and more people start to use the method of having a pretty tan without the need of exposing the body to harmful UVB and UVA rays. It takes a few minutes to achieve the colour of a natural tan. Airbrush tanning is the safest way of achieving a beautiful and evenly tanned body. The effect of airbrush tanning stays on the skin for about 8-14 days, depending on the skin type and daily care procedures.

The method of airbrush tanning is an alternative for people who donít like or canít sunbathe or use solariums. Airbrush tanning is a perfect solution for pregnant women, people with skin disclourations (also with dermatological changes or birth-marks), freckles, albinism or stretch marks. The airbrush method is directed at people with light complexion and sensitive skin and also people allergic to sun.

The procedure itself is very pleasant and takes a few minutes, the colour of the tan can be individually chosen according to the clients demands. After the tanning process the pigment needs to dry, this takes about a few minutes before the client can get dressed. The cosmetics used for airbrush tanning do not dry the skin and do not cause it to wrinkle, there is no effect of photo-ageing which is an effect of traditional tanning or solariums.

It is advised to perform a body peeling before the airbrush tanning. If our client doesnít have time to do that him or herself at home, we can perform the peeling at our Warsaw 15-115 Salon in combination with a professional massage. You should also remember not to bathe for 6 hours after the procedure of airbrush tanning and to wear darker and less tight clothing when going to the Salon to get an airbrush tan. The pigment can leave small marks on the clothing before the first bath, but it can be washed in a temperature of 40 degrees.


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