Afrodyta Jean d'Arcel w Centrum Warszawy: 15-115 Salon Kosmetyczny Warszawa Centrum
Aphrodite Jean d’Arcel (Methode Aphrodite)

A luxurious treatment Aphrodite Jean d’Arcel (Methode Aphrodite) is a new and true source of beauty. This is an innovative treatment which supplies the skin with active substances which fight the signs of ageing. Only after one 2 hour long treatment the skin regains its vitality and balance. Special pro-endorphins relax and stimulate the production of protective barriers of the skin. The use of the treatment and active massage leads to absolute harmony and restoration of balance in every layer of the skin.

The Aphrodite Jean d’Arcel treatment fights visible signs of skin ageing, gives a feeling of pleasure, balance and visibly improves the condition of the skin. This ideal solution stimulates metabolism of the cells and activates the energy contained in them. Thanks to this deep wrinkles lessen, the skin becomes rejuvenated, firm and elastic even after one treatment.

The luxurious Aphrodite Jean d’Arcel is a treatment which consists of 12 specially chosen phases. At our 15-115 Salon we added a 13th phase to also care for the hands of our clients.

Aphrodite Jean d'Arcel Warsaw


15-115 Beauty Salon Warsaw/Warszawa

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