Masaż klasyczny masaż relaksacyjny w Centrum Warszawy: 15-115 Salon Kosmetyczny Warszawa Centrum
Classic massage

Classic massage is a method of treating both inner and outer signs of illness. Classic massage consists of mechanic teasing of tissues. It has an indirect and direct influence on the body. It consists of many movements which aim not only to treat but also prevent many diseases. Classical massage is also an integral part of biological renewal. Based on research and observations it has been confirmed that, out of known methods, classical massage is the most effective way of treating illnesses of the limbs.

Relaxing massage

Relaxing massage is a form of classic massage with the use of different movements and essential plant oils which increase the effectiveness of the massage. Relaxing massage with the use of essential oils is becoming more and more popular not only because it’s effective but also due to pleasant experiences. Human brain reacts to weak smell stimulus, this is why it only takes a small amount of oil. Aromatherapy effectively fights emotional tension, rebuilds our vegetative system. The aim of this massage is to rid of muscle and nerve tension and also psychical tension and to bring relaxation. Especially useful after a long physical or mental exertion, recommended for people, who want to relax.


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