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Earlobe piercing

Earlobe piercing is done by using a professional piercing gun. It is the newest product on the market which, thanks to its modern and sterile construction, makes no sound while piercing. This gives a lot of comfort and does not cause the client to get scared and move their head because of the noise which could cause the ear to not be pierced straight. Our Warsaw 15-115 Salon performs professional earlobe piercings and cares for the comfort of the clients.

Worth mentioning is also the fact that our piercing gun also possesses modern solutions concerning the hygiene of the procedure. All parts of the gun which come in contact with the client’s body are disposable – special complete modules which are used in the gun do not need to be touched even by the person performing the procedure. This is a modern apparatus which is sterile, in other types of guns the earrings have to be placed in the gun manually. At Warsaw 15-115 Salon the client can choose from different designs of earring in gold and silver.

The healing process takes about 2 months.

Clients who are not yet 18 years old have to be accompanied by a parent / legal care taker or have a written agreement with the phone number of the parent / legal care taker and a copy of his/her ID card – the signature on the agreement has to agree with the signature on the ID card.

Recommendations for after the procedure:
before care procedures hands need to be washed with antibacterial soap,
the pierced place (not including the tongue) should be washed 2-3 times a day with a cotton pad soaked with physiological saline and then soaked with octenisept; do not use alcohol or hydrogen peroxide solution,
after washing move the earring up and down,
if the wound isn’t healing too well, you can use a thin layer of Tribiotic (for a period not longer than 7 days), do not use as a preventive,
in the case of tongue or lip, wash the mouth with a chamomile, sage solution or diluted octenisept or dentosept,
avoid using bandages in order to not block air from reaching the wound,
when the wound is healing do not swim, use the sauna or solarium, do not tan the pierced places, when bathing do not allow the pierced places to come in contact with water – it’s better to shower instead of using the bath tub,
regularly check if the earring did not unscrew,
do not change the earrings by yourself during the healing process,
ensure a proper diet rich in vitamins.

At our Salon in Warsaw we also offer professional body piercing procedures.


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