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Eyelash Extending (Authorized Salon of Perfect Silk Lashes)

Eyelash Extending THE HIT OF 2009!

Eyelashes before extending:
Eyelash Extending Eyelash Extending Eyelash Extending

Eyelashes after extending:
Eyelash Extending Eyelash Extending Eyelash Extending

We offer eyelash extending with the method of single eyelashes. One silk eyelash is attached to one of your natural eyelashes. This gives an effect of naturally beautiful, black and long lashes. Eyelash extensions stay on for about 2-3 months. Silk eyelashes are very much like natural lashes: smooth, beautiful, curled, narrow at the ends. Natural lashes stay on the eyes for about 3-5 months, they first grow, then they enter a phase of slumber, last 2 weeks, when the lashes are the longest and thickest, is the stage of decay after which they fall out on their own. We try to attach the silk lashes to natural lashes which are still in the phase of growth or slumber, so that the effect of beautiful, long lashes can last the longest. The glue we use is waterproof and guarantees full comfort – you do not have to give up on any daily activities. You can go to swimming pools, gyms, saunas. Silk lashes have different lengths, this is why we can achieve the effect of a cat eye: longest lashes placed on the outside of the eye slowly get shorter when we get to the inner corner of the eye.

You won’t need mascara anymore! You will save time. An ideal addition to extended lashes is permanent makeup of the eye – lines on the upper and lower lid, after that you won’t have to do any eye makeup at all but you’ll still seduce with beautiful eyes.

Especially for you we have prepared a series of promotions, when you combine eyelash extending with permanent makeup. For more details ask at our 15-115 Salon in Warsaw.

We are an authorized Salon of Perfect Silk Lashes:
Autoryzowany Salon Perfect Silk Lashes Warszawa Centrum

How to extend your lashes?
An effective method is the so called “permanent ornamentation”. Modern fake eyelashes stay on for about 6 weeks and fall out gradually together with natural lashes. Worth recommending are the new Italian light, silk Perfect SILK Lashes which are glued on to the natural lashes (lash to lash). They do not cause strain, they are not heavy on the eyelid. After the procedure you do not need to use mascara. The procedure takes a while (about 3 hours). After that you only need to fill in the spots where the lashes have fallen out. Source: Claudia No. 8 (184), August 2008

Beautiful Lashes
Permanent extended and thickened lashes are the newest cosmetic trend. Perfect Silk Lashes are the first in Poland lashes made of natural silk proteins, they are very similar to natural lashes. When attached in a professional way they do not make the natural lashes heavy neither do they cause a feeling of discomfort. The professional way of attaching means that to every eyelash one silk lash is attached. The silk lashes come in various thickness, colour (black, violet, cornflower, bronze, red and green) and length. They are waterproof and very durable. You can swim, use cosmetics or visit SPA’s without any fear. Silk lashes stay on as long as the natural lashes do, about 6-8 weeks. Source: SPA Houses No. 3(8)08, March 2008


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