Guam w Centrum Warszawy: 15-115 Salon Kosmetyczny Warszawa Centrum

Guam are sea algae which start growing on underwater sea plantations with the first march sun beams; they are collected in May. One of the products which is created during processing sea algae is Guam, a revolutionary mud rich in minerals, vitamins and proteins.

Guam treatment is one of the most effective and natural method of fast silhouette shaping and fatty tissue reduction. Guam helps our clients to not only reduce cellulite but also reduce the girth of the thighs, hips, waist and buttocks and detoxify the body. Guam helps to sooth rheumatic and dermatological problems. After only one Guam treatment the skin becomes silky, delicate and smooth. Systematic series of Guam treatments will make your skin regain its youthful look, firmness and smoothness and the fatty tissue will be visibly reduced. Guam treatments are very popular in Europe and around the world. The Guam treatment performed at our Warsaw 15-115 Salon takes about an hour and ends with a massage with the use of a special gel which sustains the effect of fat burning.


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