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Hot stone massage

Although the medical properties of stones had been used for centuries in the Far East, hot stones were not popular around the world until a few hundred years ago. This is also the time when they started to be used by renowned and prestige SPA centres and cosmetic Salons. In our country hot stone massages are fairly new.

Hot stone massage is a combination of traditional massage techniques with the use of hot basalt stones, heated up to an appropriate temperature. Basalt stones are heated in special heaters. The largest stones are used to massage the torso, the small ones are placed between fingers and toes and on the face. Basalt is the dark solidified volcanic lava which can hold heat very good but also gives the heat out easily. Pleasant feeling of warmth during the treatment helps in passing on the energy by its lack or absorbing excess of energy in an ill spot. This gives an effect of amazing relaxation, inner balance, relaxation of muscles and stimulation of blood circulation. Hot stones are a perfect way of connecting to nature. The treatment is recommended especially for people subjected to stress, anxiety, depression, muscle pain. The treatment calms the senses, regulates the emotional sphere, relaxes tensed muscles, improves the functioning of body organs, stimulates blood microcirculation, eliminates stress and depression, provides with energy and immunity.

The most important results of hot stone massages:
calms and relaxes, soothes symptoms of stress,
improves elasticity, firmness of the skin, its nourishment, helps to fight cellulite, speeds up blood and lymph flow,
relaxes tensed and tired muscles, helps in their regeneration, regenerates after a long physical exertion,
helps the circulatory system.

Hot stone massage is a great addition to complex physiotherapy which aims to restore fitness to damaged organs.

Duration of the treatment: around 1,5h


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