Depilacja laserowa w Centrum Warszawy: 15-115 Salon Kosmetyczny Warszawa Centrum
Permanent hair removal with the use of diode laser

Traditional methods of waxing only remove hair for several days. This is why our 15-115 Salon, in care for your comfort and satisfaction, offers permanent laser depilation with the use of a modern laser diode MILESMAN Premium.

Laser depilation Warszawa Laser depilation Warszawa Laser depilation Warszawa

The diode laser is one of the most effective devices used for permanent hair removal. Research has shown that the diode laser destroys hair follicles thermally proportionally to its size and amount of pigments contained inside it, what causes them to degenerate and disappear. Laser MILESMAN PREMIUM removes unwanted hair permanently, practically and painlessly, the procedure is non-invasive and doesn't disturb and destroy the skin surface.

Laser diodowy Milesman Warszawa Centrum

MILESMAN Premium laser used at our 15-115 Salon in Warsaw is the most modern device for hair removal. The laser works only on the surface, doesn’t influence bodily functions. It emits a delicate beam which penetrates the skin to reach the hair follicle, destroying the hair roots so that they can't regenerate anymore.

Not all hair is in the phase of growth at the same time. Some hair is in the phase of slumber, which has different durations (3-8 weeks). After that period the stage of active growth begins, this is why the treatment has to be repeated at least 3 times in order to remove all hair. By the first treatment about 30-60% of the hair is removed. Hair that is left on the skin is lighter, more delicate and invisible.

There are different way in which the skin can react to laser treatments. Rash or swelling around the hair follicle are a normal after treatment reaction. Redness, small scabs, discolourations should disappear after a few days. If the skin is very sensitive they can stay on for up to few weeks.

Laser depilation is not recommended with:
fresh tan (you should avoid using solarium and sun bathing 4 weeks before the procedure, and end the use of bronzers about 2 weeks before the procedure),
retinol creams (do not use for 3 weeks before the treatment),
medicine which induce photosensitivity, retinoids,
herbs (hypericum, marigold – stop using these 2-3 weeks before the treatment),
traditional depilation (stop 1 month before the procedure),
albinism, psoriasis,
peeling (stop the use 1 week before the treatment).
Tanning before and after the treatment is not allowed – YOU SHOULD NOT TAN throughout the whole depilation procedure (min 3 months)! Uncovered places should be protected with a cream containing sunscreen 15 at minimum (even on cloudy days).

What you should do after the treatment of laser depilation:
Do not tan! Protect the skin against sun as much as possible – for about 4 weeks minimum; tanning in-between treatments is not allowed either!
Do not use: photosensitivity inducing medicine, hypericum, marigold as well as exfoliating cosmetics and medicine (peeling) for at least 2 weeks after the treatment.
Do not use directly after the treatment: soap, alcohol, alcohol based toners, deodorants, balsams etc. Do not irritate the skin on the parts which have been depilated.

The treatment should be repeated every 4-6 weeks (depends on the body part and individual features). Prolonged or shortened break between the treatments can result in weaker effects.


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