Makija¿ permanentny w Centrum Warszawy: 15-115 Salon Kosmetyczny Warszawa Centrum
Permanent Makeup

Hundreds of satisfied clients !!!

We offer:
eyebrow permanent makeup,
eye/eyelid permanent makeup (upper and lower lines),
lip permanent makeup (contour, contour with shading, contour with filling).

Do you dream of getting out of bed with a professional makeup on your face, do you wish your makeup never smudged? We have an ideal solution for you… permanent makeup.

Permanent makeup performed at our Warsaw 15-115 Salon will stay on for up to 5 years, fades out evenly thanks to the use of natural Swiss pigments of the highest quality. The makeup highlights, in a permanent way, natural beauty which is within each of us. Eyelash extending are an ideal addition to permanent makeup – you won’t even need mascara.

The treatment is performed by a professional beautician – stylists with years of experience. We posses equipment of the highest quality. The equipment is sterile – disposable needles, transmitters and cups for pigments. Permanent makeup is performed under local anaesthetic, thanks to which it’s practically painless. The treatments takes about 1–3 hours.

Permanent makeup is ideal to:
correct the shape of the eyebrows,
make the eyes look bigger (upper and lower lines),
give the lips a sexy shape and colour,
correct the lack of symmetry of the face and lack of lip pigmentation,
shorten the time needed for morning makeup,
forget the need for touch ups after leaving water (e.g. a pool),
cover up the lack of eyebrows, eyelashes (e.g. chemotherapy),
for people who can’t see too well – to avoid having to do your eyes without glasses on.
Can also be used to eliminate scars and discolourations (with the use of pigment of the colour closest to the natural skin colour of the client).

The colour and shape of the permanent makeup is chosen individually, it has to be fully accepted by the client, only then will we proceed with the proper makeup.

Permanent makeup is a luxurious treatment, but our Salon wants each of you to feel unique and beautiful. This is why we have prepared a series of discounts and promotions – ask for more details at the Salon.

Permanent makeup is not recommended with:
upper airway infection,
when using steroids.

Recommendations for permanent makeup:
if the client is prone to herpes around the lips we recommend to take Heviran medicine for 3 days before the procedure of permanent makeup in the dose of 2x400mg,
for a few days after the procedure of permanent makeup it is recommended to wash the coloured places with pure water only, without the use of substances which can cause irritations
it is recommended to use Vaseline on the coloured spots for the period of 2 weeks after the procedure to maintain proper moisturization,
it is recommended to stay away from pools, saunas and solariums for the period of 2 weeks after the procedure of permanent makeup.


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